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All of this happens because people who value what we offer step up and help. There are many ways we all can get involved to help this precious gift continue to be offered to the community. And what’s truly wonderful is how much joy and satisfaction comes when we participate.

What You Can Do

  • Participate in the Sanghadasa to assist in planning and managing our day-long and residential retreats, and other programs and workshops.  You’ll get support and will enjoy the contact with the group, the leaders, and the satisfaction of enabling ICMC to continue to offer these programs to the community.
  • Attend Board meetings to offer your experience and insight. Check the calendar for upcoming meeting times and locations.
  • Help get the word out about our activities. We need volunteers in all our communities to post paper fliers around town, enter events into local media calendars, post to Facebook, and teach us new ways to reach interested people.

Attend our events:

  • Day-long and residential retreats:

Your meditation practice will deepen. Your wisdom will grow. You’ll meet other dedicated practitioners. You’ll have the joy of supporting our wonderful teachers who travel from afar to share the dharma with us without charging us a dime. There are small, satisfying tasks you can volunteer for like bringing flowers, setting up, etc.

  • Ongoing sitting groups:

There are sitting groups throughout Chicago which are listed individually under Sitting Groups. Each sangha has its own format, but every group has a meditation period, which varies in length.  Most sanghas also read Buddhist books or articles, listen to audio talks by teachers, discuss the retreats they may have attended, and provide support to each other for practice.  No registration is necessary and there is no charge to attend a sitting group. Donations are gratefully accepted.

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