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As inspiration arises, we offer activities such as potlucks, outdoor meditation practice, as well as classes in meditation and Buddhism and study/action groups. Diversity programs for helping ICMC develop ways to be inclusive and welcoming to all members of our community. And we also offer our support to the local community through service programs and outreach. Subscribe to our mailing list to be informed of these activities.

Community Outreach

Prison Outreach

Prison Outreach is an important part of our community service efforts. This important outreach program is committed to supporting volunteers willing to serve the prison population. The services and programs of the Prison Outreach will focus on Mindfulness Meditation (Vipassana), meditation techniques and practices following some of the protocol of MBSR, and Prison Mindfulness Institute.  The duration of the program is one hour, usually on a weekly basis during business hours. If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact Scott Chambers for more infomation about times and location.

Source: Prison Meditation Program


The Sanghadasa is a new initiative of Insight Chicago, which will in some ways take the place of the old Coordinating Committee.  We consulted with one of our teachers, Santikaro, to come up with this name. The word “sangha“ is a Pali word meaning a community of Buddhist practitioners. The word “dasa“ in Pali means servant, or one who cares for something. Sanghadasa means servant of the sangha.

The Sanghadasa is a group of non-board members who are concerned about the care of Insight Chicago, so that it can be shaped into a community that supports us all.  People who want to participate in the Sanghadasa are invited to come together and explore what programs they would like to see and be willing to help develop. For more information or question about participation, contact Mary O'Grady.

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