Mettā – A new online course with Shaila Catherine

Mettā – A new online course with Shaila Catherine




The Liberating Practice of Mettā:
A Course of Study and Practice

Course Dates: January 15 – March 19, 2017Registration is currently open thru January 10!

This new online course offers an in-depth exploration of Mettā—the quality of loving kindness, goodwill, and friendliness toward all beings. Both study and practice will be encouraged. We will study selections from the early discourses of the Buddha to consider the contexts in which, and the purposes for which, the Buddha taught mettā. Guided meditations and instructions will encourage you to establish a formal mettā meditation practice. A variety of reflective exercises and discussion formats will help integrate our study of mettā into daily life situations.

The Liberating Practice of Mettā: A Course of Study and Practice will include reading assignments, sutta study, reflections, discussion forums, recorded talks, guided meditations, and optional audio conferences with the teacher(s). This course is suitable for all levels of experience, including students who already practice mettā meditation and wish to expand their understanding of the teachings on mettā and strengthen their practice. No pre-requisite is required.

Registration is now open through January 10, 2017! 

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